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Workplace health, safety and wellbeing solutions

We support workplaces and their people to improve health, safety and wellbeing, creating positive change for all.

Is your workplace meeting its mental health and safety requirements?

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Take a free psychosocial safety review to find out now.

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Not all hazards are this easy to spot!

Do you know what psychosocial hazards your employees are exposed to?

Improvements for life

By partnering with us, together we will establish the needs of your business and your people.
We will then provide the right tools to make sustainable improvements, creating the best outcomes for everyone.

Because we know that healthier people are the key to a healthier business.

Improvements for the business:

Reduce rates of absenteeism and compensation claims from injury and ill-health

Increase productivity, engagement, and morale

Better attraction and retention of staff and reduced turnover
Improve employee relations and corporate reputation

Improvements for your people:

Increased health awareness and knowledge
Improved physical and mental wellbeing and resilience
Increased energy and vitality for life
Increased work enjoyment and fulfillment
Improved concentration, productivity and team relationships
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When employers and their staff invest in better health and wellbeing, everyone wins.

A people first approach

Understanding your needs

Identifying health concerns and key site trends early allows us to provide analysis and recommendations at an individual and organisational level. We then target engagement and focus outcomes according to the organisational needs.

Partnering with your organisation

We collaborate with you and your people to create the right program for your organisation. We create solutions that meet the needs of both the company and the individuals, ensuring the best outcomes for everyone.  

Engaging your

From a full-scale health program to an ergonomic assessment, our team know how to engage your people. Our one-on-one approach provides individuals with the education, support and empowerment they need to improve health and wellbeing.

Measurable improvements

Through our reporting, we are able to show tangible improvements to the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of your organisation. This will demonstrate that together we are creating a happier, more productive and engaged workforce.

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Healthy Business has been fortunate to partner with some amazing organisations, all committed to achieving positive health and wellbeing improvements for their people.

“Since the inception of the Healthy Business Health and Wellbeing program a few years ago, our musculoskeletal injuries have reduced by 25%.”

National HSE Manager, Liebherr


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