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Our health and wellbeing awareness presentations are a great way to engage your workforce and enhance their health literacy with some simple and practical education and advice.


Alcohol and other drugs

An educational presentation highlighting the prevalence, warning signs and impacts of substance abuse. We also unpack the ways people can take action and seek help for issues relating to alcohol and/or drug use, and the benefits of doing so.



The very best cure for cancer is to prevent it. This presentation explores the simple lifestyle changes that we can all make to improve our health and wellbeing and reduce the risks of developing a range of cancers.

cold and flu

Cold and flu

Ideally delivered heading into cold and flu season, this presentation serves as a reminder of the key habits that can reduce the likelihood of becoming unwell, as well as the measure we can take to reduce the severity of symptoms if illness does occur.



This presentation breaks down what
diabetes is, the difference between
the 3 types of diabetes and pre-
diabetes, how it is treated and how
we can be proactive and prevent
the likelihood of developing it in the


Eating for success - nutrition

Getting back to basics, this presentation explores the fundamentals of healthy nutrition in a simple, easy to digest way. We delve into what healthy eating looks like, if diets actually work and how we can evaluate what will work for us.


Getting better sleep

We all want good quality sleep! In this presentation we look at sleep hygiene and the simple ways we can improve our sleep. We also touch on why sleep is so important, what the common issues are, how to tackle them and when to get professional help.

heart health

Heart health

What makes us tick? This presentation provides education on what the heart does, the importance of looking after it, the risk factors for heart disease and how we can reduce our risks with 7 key simple actions.

Heat stress

Heat stress and Hydration

As the mercury rises so does the risks of heat illness. In this presentation, we raise vital awareness about heat illness and the importance of good hydration; covering what signs to look out for, what to do in the event of heat illness, and the best ways to prevent it.


Injury prevention/​management

Looking at the common aches, pains, and niggles that people get and why they occur. We also provide advice on postures, movements and exercises that can relieve discomfort and reduce the risk of more serious injury.

lung health

Lung health

An educational presentation covering what the lungs do, the issues and hazard surrounding them, and practical advice on how we can best take care of them.


Made to move – exercise

Our bodies are made to move. In this topic dives into the fundamentals of physical activity; how much we need, what exercises are best, why it is so important for our total health and wellbeing, and how to start getting more movement in every day.

Mens health

Men’s health

Our men's health presentation sheds light on the lifestyle-related factors contributing to poor health outcomes for males. It provides education on how men can measure the risks and the simple things that they can do to start living a longer and healthier life.

Mental health

Mental health

Providing a general awareness on mental health, this presentation looks at how to identify the warning signs of poor mental health, as well as exploring practical ways we can stay mentally well and what to do if is mental illness occurs.


Surviving the festive season

It should be a time of relaxation and fun, but for some, the festive season can be a difficult time of year. This presentation is the ultimate holiday survival guide, covering mental health, alcohol, sun safety, nutrition, exercise and maintaining a healthy routine.

Womens health

Women’s health

A gender-specific presentation that looks at the problems that females face throughout their lifetime, while also providing advice on the best ways to catch any problems early or prevent them from occurring altogether.

Presentation details:

45 minutes total (including 15 minutes of question time).
Delivered by a Healthy Businesses Health and Wellbeing Coach either onsite or virtually
Maximum participants:

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