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Our projects

Ulverstone HealthCi

(Primary Health Tasmania)

A free holistic health and wellbeing program that support adults living in Ulverstone (Tasmania) to make positive changes to their lives.

Funded by Primary Health Tasmania (Tasmania PHN) through the Australian Government’s primary health networks program, the HealthCi program is being piloted in 2022 as a low intensity mental health service.

It combines one-on-one support from our health and wellbeing coaches, with a dedicated mobile app, to address any early symptoms/risks of poor health and wellbeing that may indicate a risk of mild mental illness.

Ready 4 Response

(Tasmanian Government, Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management)

A 12-week program delivered to the Tasmanian Department of Police, Fire and emergency services, and Ambulance Tasmania personnel, to help increase their fitness to assist with better performance in their roles.

The Ready 4 Response program included the provision of fitness assessments, health check and advice, digital support, and injury prevention. Healthy Business also facilitated a variety of group exercise classes, which included gym and pool sessions. We have successfully delivered this program twice in North West Tasmania.

Exercise Treatment Program

The Exercise Treatment Program was a strength-based exercise program for older people living in North West Tasmania, delivered between March 2020 – October 2022. It was designed to improve activity levels and quality of life for older people who had, or were at risk of, chronic health conditions.

Police Recruit Training

(Tasmania Police Academy)

Healthy Business have partnered with the Tasmania Police Academy for over 10 years, helping to prepare recruits for the physical demands of policing. This has included the facilitation of daily physical training sessions and fitness testing, and providing health education services.

Community exercise

(Queenstown Police and Community Youth Club)

In partnership with Queenstown Police and Community Youth Club (PCYC), Healthy Business have provided group-based exercise programs and physical activity events in Queenstown and surrounding West Coast towns in Tasmania.

Due to the remote location and lower socioeconomic status of the region, it was recognised that the youth had limited opportunities to participate in sport or organised recreation activities. These programs and events allowed the youth to participate in a variety of exercise programs, while also increasing their engagement with the local police force.

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