Prevent harm and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.


Healthy Business have partnered with FlourishDx, a leading digital tool to help organisations prevent psychological harm, increase WHS compliance and promote employee wellbeing.

Through the FlourishDx platform, we can provide organisations with access to a wide range of features, for both employers (including line managers) and employees, to help build and maintain a psychologically healthy and safe workplace and promote employee wellbeing.

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How it works

FlourishDx incorporates an integrated model, which allows employers and employees to work together in order to prevent harm and promote positive mental health, safety and wellbeing within the workplace.

Features for employers:

Understand and manage
psychosocial risks

Data driven risk management tools, including employee surveys, allow you to easily identify and mitigate psychosocial risks within the workplace.

Deliver staff

Push high quality eLearning courses, and monitor progress, to employees to inform risk management practices and promote wellbeing.

Upskill and equip
line managers

Line manager training will assist leaders to understand their role in psychological risk management and fatigue risk management.

Adopt international
best practice

FlourishDx tools are designed to guide organisations through the adoption of the ISO 45003 standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Features for employees:

Mental health education

Increase the mental health literacy of your employees with hours of evidence-based content and activities.

Wellbeing check ins

Employees can access surveys and mood check ins to help them track their wellbeing over time and identify any areas for improvement.

Stress reduction

Guided audio mediations can help employees to reduce stress, improve their sleep and increase their overall wellbeing.

Digital coaching

A ‘coach bot’ provides the encouragement that employees need to keep self-care top of mind in a fun and friendly way.

FlourishDx can assist companies at all levels of readiness, from providing tools to promote self-care, through to adopting international best practice (ISO 45003) and embedding a systematic approach to psychological health and safety within the workplace.


Why should I purchase FlourishDX through Healthy Business?

When you purchase FlourishDx through Healthy Business you will have access to many additional benefits at no extra cost. This includes onboarding support to help you get FlourishDx set up at your workplace and access to our clinical psychologist, who can provide advice on how to make the most of the features within the platform to address the needs of your organisation. You will also have access to ongoing troubleshooting support from our ITC team, as well as support to help you drive ongoing engagement among employees.

Is it cheaper to purchase directly through FlourishDX?

As an authorised reseller of FlourishDx, Healthy Business will never charge above the recommended retail price (RRP) to our customers. Plus, when you purchase through Healthy Business, you get the benefits of our additional support, as highlighted above.

Does FlourishDx contain a risk assessment tool?

Yes. FlourishDx has proprietary psychosocial risk assessment tools that are time efficient, user friendly and provide unparalleled risk insights. The FlourishDx ‘Wellbeing check-in’ can identify psychosocial hazards down to a team level within 30 seconds. A comprehensive risk assessment can be completed in just 7-10 minutes through the ‘Work Factors Risk Assessment’, which is the only psychosocial risk assessment tool in the world to measure severity, frequency, and duration of hazard exposure in order to inform risk level.

Will my companies/​employee’s data be secure on FlourishDX?

Yes, your data is safe with FlourishDx. FlourishDx’s Information Security Management System is certified compliant with ISO 27001 - the global standard for data security. Employee anonymity is ensured, with deidentified aggregate data only available once a minimum of 8 people have completed a survey/check in.

Can I have a demonstration login to try out FlourishDx?

Yes. A demonstration can be arranged with one of our consultants. Additionally, we can arrange a free trial of FlourishDX for your organisation.