Workplace HealthCi

A comprehensive and flexible workplace health and wellbeing program


physical and mental ill-health and injuries


productivity, engagement, creativity and morale


absenteeism and compensation claims

What is HealthCI?

Our flagship health and wellbeing program, ‘HealthCi’, is a proactive intervention that supports employees by providing them with the tools that they need to make sustainable improvements to their health and wellbeing.

It combines the use of our allied health and wellbeing coaches with a ‘check-in’ survey and dedicated smartphone app to:  

  • help employees to identify any health and wellbeing concerns that may be present,
  • provide education and personalised support, and
  • empower positive and sustainable improvements.

HealthCi is a holistic program that addresses all areas of health and wellbeing, including mental and physical health, lifestyle habits, and sleep and fatigue.

It's a complete workplace health and wellbeing solution.

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HealthCi, coupled with Lockton's Total Cost of Absence Review (TCAR) will identify your organisations existing costs through absenteeism and deliver an effective employee health and wellbeing program. This combined approach enables organisations to measure the return on investment of the program.

Receive TCAR at no cost when you sign up for HealthCi. Terms and conditions apply*.

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Identifies poor health and wellbeing

Our HealthCi program uses an evidence-informed holistic assessment (the Check-in survey) to identify any health and wellbeing concerns that may be present.

It provides both individuals and organisations with a better understanding of how their health and wellbeing tracking and allows for appropriate interventions to be implemented.

Provides personalised support

Program participants receive personalised support from our health and wellbeing coaches, who provide them with the right tools to make sustainable improvements.

Coaching is flexible and accessible to everyone with three modes of delivery:

  1. Onsite – face to face coaching is provided onsite to support those who need it the most.

  2. Telehealth – working in conjunction with our onsite coaches, our telehealth coaches offer flexibility and reach for both organisations and individuals.

  3. Virtual – The virtual coach is built within the HealthCi mobile app and provides participants with 24/7 ongoing support. It’s also a good entry point for those who are hesitant about one-on-one coaching or would prefer to learn about their specific queries in their own time.

Targeted education and empowerment

Based on their Check-in responses and other interactions with the program, participants are provided with relevant educational resources and action plans to guide them towards new behaviours.

Our coaches empower participants to take control of their own health and wellbeing and provide them with the right tools to do so.

Sustainable improvements

By increasing an individual’s health and wellbeing awareness and providing them with tools to change their behaviours, positive habits are formed, leading to lifelong change.

This in turn has positive outcomes for the organisation, beyond a happy healthy workforce, improving performance, productivity and engagement.

Individual takes a Check-in survey

A short 2-3 minute survey about their current mental health, physical health, lifestyle habits, and sleep and fatigue.

Concerns identified (No concerns proceed to 6)

The questions have been designed to identify any areas of an individual’s health that may show a greater likelihood of injury, fatigue, or poor mental or physical health.

Personalised coaching plan developed

If concerns are identified, our coaches follow up with the individual to discuss their results, gain context and determine what changes they will benefit from.

Ongoing one-on-one coaching

Coaching plans are structured, personalised and goal orientated, providing individuals with support, education and empowerment to make improvements for life

Coaching plan

Our coaches guide participants towards meaningful outcomes by increasing their awareness and equipping them with the right tools to make sustainable change.

Ongoing engagement, education and support

The HealthCi program is supported by a dedicated mobile app, which provides participants with a range of educational resources and keeps them engaged anywhere, anytime.

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HealthCi is about helping your people understand their health and wellbeing and providing them with the right toools to make improvements for life.

Supporting Mobile app

Managing your onsite program is easy with our HealthCi mobile app! Capture the data you need and keep your people engaged, anywhere, anytime.

The HealthCi app contains a range of educational resources in support of the program, which can be helpful to those seeking more targeted information. It is also useful for those in the pre-contemplation stage who prefer passive engagement and learning.

The huge range of tools and resources available within the app are tailored for your organisation and your people based on their health and wellbeing needs.

HealthCi mobile app
Check-in Survey
Action plans
Health tracking
Easy bookings
Personalised support

The HEALTHCI Difference

Reach more people

Regardless of the structure or geographic location of your organisation, our multiple coaching options and supporting mobile app allow us to reach your people anywhere, anytime.

Meaningful insights

The Check-in survey provides insightful data into the health and wellbeing of your workforce, which allows the right resources to be allocated to the right places.


With flexible coaching options, a HealthCi program can be tailored to suit any sized organisation. Telehealth coaching hours can even be adjusted monthly to suit the needs of your organisation.

Real results

HealthCi is not a tick-box solution for a corporate report, it is about equipping your people with the right tools to make sustainable improvements for themselves and the organisation.

The level of insight obtained through our reporting enables us to take a highly collaborative approach with your organisation, which leads to the best outcomes for you and your people.

Measuring What Matters

Our HealthCi reporting gathers deidentified data from the Check-in survey, app engagement and coaching outcomes, to provide your organisation with a clear overview of:

  • the current and historical health and wellbeing of the workforce,  
  • engagement with the program, and
  • changes/improvement achieved in the program.

Reporting also provides a breakdown of geographical and demographic information, which further helps us to identify any trends or health and wellbeing issues that may be present. This allows us to partner with you to implement appropriate solutions to improve this area.

Beyond the organisational snapshot, our reporting will demonstrate the effectiveness of the program in delivering positive outcomes for your people.

Find out how a HealthCi program can improve your organisation

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Terms and conditions:

Total Cost of Absence Review & HealthCi offer eligibility criteria and terms and conditions:
Offer only available to Healthy Business Performance Group Pty Ltd (ABN: 41 075 007 500) new organisations as of 15.05.23. Minimum 300 employees. Applicable for organisations located within Australia and/or New Zealand.  Consideration on case-by-case basis for other locations. Initial TCAR provided at no charge valued at min $5,000.00. HealthCi agreement to commence proceeding TCAR review for min 2 year period. HealthCi usual costs apply and will be advised based on consultation outcome.  Follow up TCAR at 24 months’ time costs apply.

Total Cost of Absence Review Only eligibility criteria and terms and conditions:
Offer only available to Healthy Business Performance Group Pty Ltd (ABN: 41 075 007 500) as of 15.05.23. Minimum 300 employees. Applicable for organisations located within Australia and/or New Zealand. In the event of customer wanting to proceed with only TCAR – min cost of $5,000 will apply.  Should the customer proceed with HealthCi within 12 months post completion of TCAR, $5,000.00 discount will be provided off the total HealthCi Agreement costs advised.