Manual Handling sessions

Getting your team prepared for safe and healthy manual work.


Get your team prepared for manual work with a customised manual handling session.

We identify your high-risk work tasks and create a job specific presentation for your team, providing them with education on how to safely perform manual tasks.

Our engaging presenters will empower your employees to take control of their own health and safety at work by providing them with the right tools to do so.


STEP 1: Identify your risks

Onsite consultation and job observations

A Healthy Business consultant will visit your workplace, spending time observing your employees carrying out their day-to-day manual tasks, to identify what your specific high-risk manual handling tasks are.

This will include:

  • Taking photos of job tasks to include in our presentation, making it relevant to your people

  • Consulting with your organisation to gain an understanding of the physical demands of the job tasks carried out

  • Consulting with your employees to learn why tasks are done in certain ways

  • Observing tasks to identify any hazards and providing recommendations to reduce them

  • Building rapport with your employees prior to the presentations to maximise engagement

STEP 2: reduce your risks

Customised group presentation

From our observations onsite, our team will customise and deliver a presentation that is relevant to your people and their specific work tasks.

This will include:

  • A highly experienced facilitator/presenter

  • A customised PowerPoint presentation (screen shared for participants to follow along)

  • Break-out sessions for activities

  • Handouts with further reading (provided digitally)

  • Certificate of completion

2 hours
Face to face (virtual options available)
Maximum participants:
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Keep your people safe and injury free at work and fulfill your legal obligations


For the business

  • Identify and control your high-risk job tasks

  • Help to prevent workplace injuries

  • Contribute to fostering a safe and healthy working culture

  • Fulfill your legal obligations to ensure the health and safety of your workers while they are at work

For your people

  • An understanding of their role in preventing work related injuries

  • Awareness of safe body postures and correct ways of performing manual tasks

  • Education of exercises and body postures that can reduce their risk of injury

  • Empowerment to take control of their own health and safety at work

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