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health and wellbeing updates

2024 health and wellbeing calendar

Our 2024 health and wellbeing calendar is your guide to all the key health and wellbeing days, weeks and months for the year ahead. Download your free copy now and start planning your health promotion activities for 2024.

A holistic approach to life, work and wellbeing isn’t only nice – it’s profitable

Work affects our life, which affects our wellbeing, which affects our work. But what exactly is the relationship between all these things? A fascinating study provides some answers for employers.

Worker Wellbeing in Australia’s Construction Sector – A Data-Driven Look

Construction is crucial to Australia’s economy and a major employer. However, its employees suffer from a link between physical and mental ill health and take their own lives at a disproportionate rate. This is an overview of the industry’s wellbeing.

Yes, wellbeing makes a huge difference to employee retention

The evidence shows employees with higher levels of wellbeing are more likely to stay. Here we look at the research behind retention and wellbeing and then estimate the costs.

The Most Concerning Psychosocial Hazard in the Aged Care Sector?

The current regulatory landscape requires aged care organisations to identify and manage health and safety concerns, including psychosocial hazards. The research shows high job demands are a potent risk.

A Look at Worker Wellbeing in Australian Aged Care

Working with the elderly involves physical and emotional labour and hazards people outside the industry often overlook. This article offers an evidence-backed snapshot of the sector’s overall state of wellbeing and intervention suggestions.

Loneliness, and the wellbeing case for a return to work

Organisations have been trying to get workers back in-office for years. Given that coercive attempts can backfire, is there a way to do so that is both positive and effective?

“Where do we focus?” Wellbeing Compliance in the Mining Industry

This article is part of a series by Healthy Business, where we leverage our health and wellbeing expertise to explore research and offer our own insights to help some of Australia’s most important industries.

Psychosocial hazard compliance can become a revenue gain, not just a cost

National regulations require organisations to address the risks of psychosocial hazards. Here’s what that means, and how, with the right approach, compliance can be the first step towards tangible bottom-line benefits.