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health and wellbeing updates

How executive wellbeing (and attitude to wellbeing) transforms companies

Research shows organisational leaders can improve wellbeing in two key ways: by prioritising their own mental health and by learning how to support the wellbeing of others.

Wellbeing in Australia’s Professional Sectors – A Data-Driven Look

In sectors where desk and computer work are the norm, we see similarities in physical wellbeing issues. Mental health concerns, on the other hand, are more varied.

To manage and mitigate risk, give managers ongoing wellbeing education.

Whether it's a holistic approach or a targeted short session, evidence suggests organisations should invest in wellbeing education and support for managers.

A smart wellbeing strategy doesn’t separate physical and mental health

The research shows physical and mental health influence one another deeply, so it’s best to have a holistic approach.

Wellbeing Reinvented: get the report for wellbeing investment and program selection insights

Discover key considerations for wellbeing program choice, and observations and case studies demonstrating how employers may maximise workforce attraction, retention, and productivity, while delivering a ROI.

Psychosocial hazard compliance in Australia’s construction industry

A compliant, effective approach to workplace health and safety should address both physical and mental health. Especially since, in construction, there are documented links between the two.

2024 health and wellbeing calendar

Our 2024 health and wellbeing calendar is your guide to all the key health and wellbeing days, weeks and months for the year ahead. Download your free copy now and start planning your health promotion activities for 2024.

A holistic approach to life, work and wellbeing isn’t only nice – it’s profitable

Work affects our life, which affects our wellbeing, which affects our work. But what exactly is the relationship between all these things? A fascinating study provides some answers for employers.

Worker Wellbeing in Australia’s Construction Sector – A Data-Driven Look

Construction is crucial to Australia’s economy and a major employer. However, its employees suffer from a link between physical and mental ill health and take their own lives at a disproportionate rate. This is an overview of the industry’s wellbeing.