2024 health and wellbeing calendar

Healthy Business have just released our 2024 health and wellbeing calendar

This is your guide to all the key health and wellbeing events for the year ahead.

We’ve conveniently mapped all the big awareness days, weeks and months for the new year, so you can start planning your health promotion activities for 2024.

Download your free calendar now.

Looking for some ideas on how you can boost engagement and promote a healthy and happy workplace culture in 2024?  

We have some great options listed below.

Individualised health coaching

Our flagship health and wellbeing program, ‘HealthCi’, is a proactive intervention that supports employees by providing them with the tools that they need to make sustainable improvements to their health and wellbeing. HealthCi is a holistic program that addresses all areas of health and wellbeing, including mental and physical health, lifestyle habits, and sleep and fatigue. It's a complete workplace health and wellbeing solution.

Find out about HealthCi here and how you how you can measure your return on investment in this program

Topical health and wellbeing presentations

We have a wide range of presentations available, many of which pair well with the health and wellbeing awareness days, weeks and months that you will find listed in our calendar. They are a great way to engage your workforce and enhance their health literacy with some simple and practical education and advice.

View our range of health and wellbeing presentations

Mental health workshops and presentations

While you will find many of the key mental health awareness days; including R U OK Day, Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day; in the months of October and November, any time of year is an ideal time to promote mental health in the workplace. We have a range of mental health presentations and workshops available, all of which are delivered virtually by our expert Clinical Psychologist. They will equip your people with the tools that they need to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing and resilience.

Learn more about our mental health workshops and presentations

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