Wellbeing Reinvented: get the report for wellbeing investment and program selection insights

The report highlights key considerations when choosing a wellbeing program and shares observations and case studies that demonstrate how employers have maximised the attraction, retention, and productivity of their workforces through wellbeing programs that deliver ROI.

Why is the Wellbeing Reinvented report needed?

Through consultations with HR leaders and C-suite executives we hear that most organisations experience similar problems when trying to implement a wellbeing initiative:

  • There’s no budget so obtaining funding is difficult
  • It’s seen as a soft, fluffy program unaligned to organizational and financial objectives
  • There’s poor employee uptake
  • No one is sure if it was actually effective

This is why we have combined our industry know how with that of Lockton, to develop a report that gives both HR leaders and CFOs the information they need to design, implement and measure an effective wellbeing strategy that is designed to deliver on organisational, financial and employee wellbeing objectives.

Wellbeing Reinvented in the news

The Wellbeing Reinvented report assists organisations with understanding the wellbeing opportunity. CFO Magazine reported, “We know that the cost of employee absenteeism is high in Australian businesses, we know people’s expectations of work are changing and the working population is shrinking and ageing – so, if we want to get the best from the people we have, their health and wellbeing are going to be important” in their interview Why CFOs are taking more notice of staff wellbeing.  

HR Daily also recently published an article highlighting "The Wellbeing Reinvented report highlights that when uptake of a workplace initiative is underwhelming, employers shouldn't assume investment isn't "worth it", as deeper issues are likely at play”.

Download the Wellbeing Reinvented report

Understanding the benefits of wellbeing and costs (financial and non-financial) associated with poor employee wellbeing is critical for leaders of any high-performance organisation. It’s not easy to know what wellbeing solution is the best fit for your organisation to achieve its desired outcomes and is focused on delivering the best return for your business and its employees – this is where Healthy Business can assist.

Download the Wellbeing Reinvented report now.

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